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For individual use, cannabis can help with health, mental problems and used to ease ailments in patients suffering from issues like cancer, anxiety, depression, stomach problems, insomnia, AIDS and even those struggling with drug abuse. After listening to thousands of patients with their concerns in mind, we have acknowledged that they deserve to have an abundance of information at their fingertips to help them understand and create their own opinions about what products are best suited for their overall health.

Market Opportunity

When we think of cannabis in this way, our role become one of scanning the cannabis world for the most useful and relevant cannabis products and brands, in areas relevant to us, our vendors and consumers.

We need to expand product knowledge to all patients and consumers by providing a space where they can learn from the same people that produce the products on the shelf. To this end, there’s never a perfect time to launch a platform that allows all vendors, distributors, dispensaries and delivery services of cannabis products to provide the most detailed information for all of their users.

Welcome to Cannalign

Cannalign is a Product database that allows patients and recreational users to find the best products and dispensaries within their closest relative location. It enables patients to search for their favorite products and find the closest dispensary carrying that specific product. We plunged into this endeavor to give back to our Vendors, and give them the opportunity to join a community where they can market their products to help reach their businesses full-potential.

Our Core Values

Transparency and consistency define us. We pride on these two values to continually maintain a trustworthy and beneficial marketplace.