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Consumer Information


Who can purchase Cannabis?

So long you have a valid ID and you are above 21, you are eligible to legally purchase at any recreational and licensed dispensary around you. In some cases, medical patients that do not fit in those criteria may visit the dispensary with a valid recommendation from a physician.

Where to purchase Cannabis?

The law regarding cannabis is not totally flexible for all states. For a state like Colorado, anyone can possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana in Colorado. This is your right as defined by the Colorado Constitution, whether or not the city or county allows or bans recreational stores. Online purchases is usually the best.

If you would like to Shop with us, click the filter and select the Online Ordering filter to see where you can plan an order for in-store pick up or delivery. If you’re looking for a Medical or Recreational retailer, click the filter and select your store type preference.

Where can I publicly use Cannabis?

Most public spaces prohibit smoking or vaping cannabis products just like tobacco. Please be respectful of these prohibitions.

What is cannabis?

For some people, cannabis is a dangerous entry-level drug that leads to the consumption of harder drugs while some see it as a harmless stimulant. However, neither of the two is completely wrong.

The cannabis plant has been around for centuries and is believed to be originated in Central Asia. It is derived from the Indian “hemp plant”, cannabis sativa, where hemp and cannabis are both classified as the term “cannabis”.

Hemp is typically grown for industrial uses of its derived products. Strains that are grown for hemp have a very low THC concentration, and have a high CBD concentration, which allows for being able to decrease or eliminate the psychoactive effects of THC.

Cannabis is not physically addictive. Anyone who is addicted to heroin or alcohol must expect withdrawal symptoms such as severe pain, nausea, chills or hallucinations. Cannabis withdrawal can only lead to insomnia or restlessness, and rarely. Nevertheless, physical dependence on drugs is much harmless. Withdrawal may span over a few days, but mental withdrawal takes much longer, maybe throughout life.

It can be grown in a multitude of different climates, and the processes of how they grown is constantly being refined and being pushed to the edge using new innovative technologies.

Cannabis expands the power of the breath, enhances the power of the mind, imparts a sense of well-being, and encourages peace and kindness.

Cannabis Flowers

Cannabis flower is the most common practices of using cannabis. Flower can be smoked or vaporized, and is also used to make concentrates. The flower pistil do not have an impact on the psychogenic effect of marijuana. They are high in Cannabinoids and aromatic oils which have both recreational and therapeutic effects.

Finally, smoking cannabis flowers can have a similar effect to smoking the buds since they also contain a significant amount of cannabinoids. Cannabis effects every person differently, so make sure to ask your bud tender what is the appropriate flower based on your needs or desired effect if you’re unsure of where to start.


Concentrates are made from cannabis flower and differ based in quality based on the material used for processing. This will determine the overall price of the product. 

Concentrates are valued for their abundance of cannabinoids, potency, and terpenes. Using concentrates are becoming a more cost-efficient route for consumers to make their product last longer and get more bang for their buck. The effects from smoking concentrates differ from flower because of its high concentrations of thc, thca, other compounds, and terpenes.

As it is a highly concentrated form of marijuana, the effects on the user may be more physically and psychologically intense than plant marijuana use. Ensure you do your research on what strains give the desired effects you’re looking for. If you are new to cannabis, you are advised to start with a lower potency cartridge to see how it makes you feel.


Edibles come in many forms from baked goods, confectionary, and beverages, which are a popular way to consume cannabis for those who are not looking to smoke or vaporize. 

When consuming edibles, make sure that you start small. You can always eat more, you cannot eat less. A good dose for new cannabis users would be anywhere from 2.5-5mg, and wait an 1-2 hours for the full effect.


The reason cannabis is such a popular medical treatment is found in the active ingredients it contains. Each variety has a different ration of these active ingredients, which makes each variety of cannabis more suited to different needs. The active ingredient that is most sought by patients is the cannabinoid, known as cannabidiol or CBD. For a number of physical disorders, CBD has been able to improve the symptoms of patients. Of the many benefits, some include:

  • Pain and inflammation
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Epilepsy
  • Antipsychotic
  • Nausea and vomiting and more


California Proposition 65 

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