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Who We Are

A successful story is not necessarily a straight line. Here at Cannalign, we pride our successful operations on a man of value, experience and unmatched determination – Nico Spann, the founder and CEO of Cannalign.

The story began with a collegiate athlete turned cannabis professional. While attending college at Sonoma State University and playing on the Men's Soccer team, he took up a job as a budtender at a local dispensary near his home. Through this period, Nico always yearned for a more entrepreneurial endeavor, therefore he plunged to create his own space in the industry. Alas! The story took a sudden turn.

At the time Nico was preparing for his application, June 2016, his Mother, Vicki Spann was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer. From that moment on, he determined to be his mom’s caregiver and try his possible best to give her the best quality of life while undergoing chemotherapy with cannabis. He experimented with different products on the market, with strict dosing, and specific information. These doses helped her in so many ways such as alleviating nausea, insomnia, a poor-appetite, pain, and extreme anxiety.

Sadly, Vicki's fight came to an end on December 6th, 2016. Vicki was resilient in her fight against her cancer, always stayed positive in the face of the harshest fear, and looked to push herself every day that she was here on earth, not only for herself but for her family. This propelled Nico to never lose faith and stay true to his purpose, as she would have advised him.

His heartache and pain inspired the positivity to help others look for ways in which they CAN truly benefit from cannabis, and also have quality of life even when dealing with the most difficult situations. To this end, Nico believes healing others is best way to cleanse the soul of its own trials and tribulations. This birth the creation of Cannalign, a platform catered on helping others through their own personal cannabis experiences.