Tranquility Nano-Sublingual 30ml


The latest product in Sunderstorm Scientific's arsenal is Tranquility CBN, which is perfect for patients seeking a sleep aid. Just a few squirts of Tranquility CBN and you will be relaxed and sleeping in 5-10 minutes. Leveraging advances in the nutraceutical industry, the nanoparticle formulation is proven to be more effective than tinctures, sprays, and capsules by delivering the molecules directly to your system within minutes. Tranquility is high in CBN, a cannabinoid known to help with sleep, but also contains some THC and is engineered by scientists to maximize the delivery to your system, Using nanotechnology with liposomal particles confirmed at 30nm in size, the nano-emulsion provides 80-90% bioavailability, meaning that you get 4-6 times more of the CBN and THC into your bloodstream than tinctures or edibles and almost twice as much as smoking. This has been verified by hospital doctors studying this product. Each 30ml bottle holds 30-60 consistent doses depending on the patient. Sunderstorm's commitment to science raises the bar for patients seeking the powerful benefits of cannabis.