LitHouse is a family-owned and operated cannabis farm located on the rugged coastline of Mendocino County - a region in Northern California celebrated for its redwood forests, fine wines and, of course, its world-renowned cannabis. For decades we have continued in the Mendocino tradition and method to produce consistently high-grade flower for the modern cannabis consumer.

Our coastal region provides a unique microclimate that is ideal for the preservation of a flower’s delicate terpenoid profile - the organic compounds that give each cannabis variety its distinct aromatic flavor and effects. The local air quality and temperature along with our curing and packaging process all contribute to bringing out the best in our plants without compromising their natural state. Our quality can be seen, smelled, tasted and felt; all of our strains test high in potency and a wide array of terpenes, providing the ideal cannabis consumer experience every time.

Growing up, brothers Allan and Kris were no strangers to the hard work that goes into planting crops and the rewards that come with its harvest. They were sustained by the family farm and from a young age both brothers contributed heavily to their father’s apiary, helping with the beekeeping itself as well as the bottling and selling of the honey they produced. Today we continue in this tradition:  LitHouse is a family affair maintained entirely by relatives and close family friends.

Allan’s degree in biochemistry and Kris’s architectural expertise allow for a fresh approach to a once clandestine industry. We build efficient, organized facilities while implementing hygienic and sustainable growing practices to cultivate the cleanest cannabis in California. All of our flowers consistently test free of fungal, bacterial and pesticidal contamination. Nurtured daily by our dedicated grow team, our plants receive the individual care and attention needed to maximize their unique genetic potential. At LitHouse, we believe cannabis should be introduced to your healthy lifestyle to benefit your needs and personal taste.



All day everyday Allan 'Big Al' Harris thinks about cannabis: how he can make it more plentiful, more potent and more useful without taking away the plants integrity. Allan never settles for anything less than exceptional and thinks that no cannabis consumer should have to either. For over fifteen years he has dedicated his life to the science, history and operative know-how that go into cannabis cultivation, so it can be a safe and healthy addition to any wellness routine. When he sleeps, Allan dreams about growing cannabis and in his own words he is literally, "Living the dream!" 



Before making a name for himself building state of the art climate rooms, Kris was an accomplished architect designing science laboratories and teaching at Drexel University. Upon visiting various farms along the West coast, he saw room for improvement in the way indoor cannabis was being grown and set to work devising the cleanest, most sustainable facilities in the business. Kris has since then designed and built numerous installations, and keeps his pen to the paper drafting up ways to advance the cultivation process, while making it more efficient and environmentally friendly.      



Emerald Cup 2019

Award Winner!


High Times Cannabis Cup 2019

1st Place Winner!



High Times Cannabis Cup 2019

Multiple Award Winner!



Emerald Cup 2018

Award Winner!

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