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CLOSING SALE CLOSING SALE!!!!! 25% off whole store. Deals cannot be combined with already marked down items. $100 oz on select flower -Cyan Collective is a non profit collective offering quality meds at amazing prices..Valid Rec and ID required!! -IF YOU DON'T HAVE A RECOMMENDATION, GO GET ONE WITH TODAY'S DATE AND WE WILL DONATE A $35 1/8 WITH YOUR $35 1/8 PURCHASE -We are Small house zoned for business on the corner 14th and N. For the respect of our neighbors and community we DO NOT have a green cross or flashing lights outside we strongly believe the city of Bakersfield does not need another. -Referrals and Weedmaps is our only means of advertisement. Stop in and see for yourself. Compassionate prices and a knowledgeable staff specializing in CBD crystalline. -SPECIALS! MONDAY: 10% off accessories TUESDAY: 10% off edibles WEDNESDAY: 10% off wax THURSDAY: 10% off CBD products FRIDAY-SUNDAY: $25 1/8ths (exclusions apply) EVERYDAY: $50 1/4 (exclusions apply)



-Feel free to park in driveway! -Please try to avoid parking in front of our neighbors home/businesses. We would like to keep a good relationship with them!

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