In each life there comes a moment that if recognized and seized can change the course of that life forever. For Mike founder and CEO of KGB Reserve, that moment was when he first laid eyes on the killer green bud. Love at first sight. The kind of romance that can only be described as a fairytale. Boy meets Mary Jane early in life. Early enough for her to make an impact shaping and molding his life into what can be observed today as fantastic.

Mike is a pioneer in the cannabis industry, having his hands on every part of the sacred plant as he evolved in the business that raised him. Mike has trimmed, grown, cloned and most importantly, enjoyed cannabis since the very beginning. He has learned that cannabis is so much more than a commodity.  It is a lifestyle that connects people from all parts of the world, all religions and all genders. We have evolved from the days of smoking weed in secret circles, at dinner parties. Cannabis culture has changed. The same dinner parties are now serving the finest cannabis right along side single malts or glasses of rosé. The circles are not so secret anymore. Conversations are shifting as cannabis takes her rightful seat at the table. She is discussed, admired and enjoyed for her depth, beauty and taste. The demand for a superior product is now. 

With a keen eye for quality, and a pallet that demands flavor, Mike is a CEO who is committed to the satisfaction of his customers, he makes a point to personally taste every premium product offered by KGB Reserve. It is the ultimate smoking experience where every offering is exclusive, either a mix of super premium ingredients or a pure high end cannabis oil. He invites you to cultivate your soul with KGB Reserve.  

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