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Better seed, better weed

After getting his medical cannabis card in 1996, Attis owner Eli Bilton learned to turn cannabis growing into an art form…


Honing his ability to cultivate plants for decades as a second generation Humboldt farmer, he’s now using the skills he developed to create sustainable, holistic and scientific growing practices. He’s now an expert at producing potent, ethically-grown, clean cannabis in both indoor and outdoor systems.

His business has grown as well, to include a state-of-the-art extraction lab for developing potions, tinctures, oils and edibles.

Eli believes strongly in educating consumers and the community about the extensive therapeutic benefits of cannabis, and in reducing the stigma around cannabis usage. To further this goal, he’s hired expert budtenders whose extensive strain knowledge and advocacy have made them an award-winning addition to Oregon’s thriving cannabis community.

Eli and his entire staff look forward to serving you at one of our six Oregon locations.

Our Mission

To lead the movement to grow cannabis in an environmentally conscious way, developing processes that create a better product for the consumer and the environment while educating the public on the wide therapeutic value of cannabis and removing its stigma.

Eli’s grow in an undisclosed location


Our Team

Eli Bilton, CEO

Eli is a twenty-year veteran of the cannabis industry with a national reputation as a cannabis product inventor and business operator. A second-generation cannabis grower, Eli is known throughout the country as a celebrity farmer, sought-after advisor, premier authority on extraction and strain development, and owner of one of the most successful dispensary groups. Eli’s understanding of the cannabis space is complete, and his far-ranging vision and invention guides Attis in its development into the national cannabis brand.

Eli’s parents were cannabis pioneers. In 1996, Eli’s father, Randy Bilton, became an acknowledged force in the Emerald Triangle, Northern California’s Mendocino, Humboldt, and Trinity counties, producing proprietary strains of singular quality. Eli has carried on this family tradition of careful strain development, maintaining a unique family seed bank that reaches back over forty years.

Years of real world practice, decades of study, and a history of business success have brought Eli to the forefront of the cannabis world. Eli and his wife Brianna (a UC Davis botanist) work together to create beneficial new plant-based health-care products. They also collaborate to develop the unique, all-natural growing formulas which help make Attis farms so lush, rapid-growing, and productive.

Ed Williams, Advisory Board Member

Ed has nearly forty years’ experience in business, including serving as an executive in both financial and investment management for a multibillion-dollar financial institution where he managed a $500 million alternative investment portfolio.

Ed also co-founded a private equity investment firm for which he led a team that raised $115 million from institutional investors, including Citigroup, Walmart, IBM, General Electric, JP Morgan, Chrysler, and Verizon, in addition to other large corporations.

As his firm’s CEO, Ed identified investment opportunities in growth-stage food, media, and consumer product companies. He worked with his portfolio companies, helping them develop their strategic plans to maximize growth and value creation. He hired management teams, assisted in raising additional debt and equity capital as needed to nance growth, and he evaluated and negotiated strategic add-on acquisitions, and both positioned companies for sale and negotiated their sales.

Ed provides strategic guidance to Attis, helping the company raise capital, and overseeing team building and other operational details. Ed works with a practiced focus on value creation while helping to structure and position Attis to achieve its organizational goals. Ed has served on numerous directorial boards. He is also a certified public accountant, with a bachelor of science degree from the University of Maryland. He went on to receive an MBA from Harvard Business School.


Why Attis?

We are committed to carrying the finest cannabis products and providing an enjoyable buying experience with a knowledgeable, courteous staff that is highly educated in all things cannabis.

Attis Trading on SE Gladstone in Portland

Our Background

Generations of cannabis growing expertise and genetics-breeding make our products the best available. We work with numerous Oregon growers, including our own—Attis Farms, to provide a carefully-curated selection of the finest flowers, edibles and concentrates.

Quality Promise

When you’re at a premier Attis weed dispensary, we will always provide you with the highest quality medicinal and recreational cannabis, sourced directly from Attis Farms and trusted partners.

We Are Specialists

Just think of us as your trusted friend in all things cannabis—if you’re not an experienced marijuana user, we’re happy to be your guide.

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