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North Hollywood Dispensary - CCCN - North Hollywood

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CCCN has been serving the marijuana community since 2006 and is now operating under CA State Law Prop 64 allowing 21+ Adult Recreational Use / Dr. Rec & State Card Medical Use. Come in today & join us to help pave the way for the future of marijuana use.


CA Law Tax:

Adult Use Recreational15% Excise Tax 10% Local Use Tax 9.5% Sales Tax

Medical Doctor Rec. Patient15% Excise Tax 5% Local Use Tax 9.5% Sales Tax

State Card Medical Marijuana: 15% Excise Tax 5% Local Use Tax 0% Sales Tax

About Us


CCCN is a Premiere Full Service 21+ Adult Recreational Use / Dr. Recommendation Medical Use & State Card Medical Use Marijuana dispensary operating under CA State Law Prop 64 allowing to serve customers who are of age to recreationally use cannabis comfortably & safely. We have proudly been serving the greater Los Angeles medical marijuana community since it was established in 2006! Come into CCCN today to experience what we have to offer & join us so we can pave the way for future marijuana use for all.



Open since 2006, we pride ourselves on being one of the "originals". Our quality and selection is kept at an all time high, along with our patients. Our selection of strains exceeds 70 for just the flowers, and we carry a broad line of edibles, cartridges, tinctures, and concentrates. We have a broad selection of Pure CBD, and High CBD items in each category, which also includes none psychoactive items. We provide the highest quality medicine to our patients that is available today. Securing a relationship of trust and devotion with our patients is a must. With only the highest set of standards and customer service, efficiency and organization is always visible at CCCN in N. Hollywood and our goal goes toward the idea that medical marijuana is a completely natural aid to many of areas of medical illness. By securing solid relationships of trust & devotion our patients feel comfortable having a discreet and easy donation process time after time. We want to be your "GO-TO" Collective, and so we offer you mind blowing deals constantly. Become a patient at CCCN in N. Hollywood, CA and find out why we have the right to claim "N. Hollywood's #1 Medical Marijuana Collective" as the place to come to when you need medicine.

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