We believe that our lives are defined by moments that stand out from the rest. 

Moments where you break out of your day-to-day and experience something truly worthy of the word "awesome".

This spice of life comes from all four corners of the Earth, and cannabis is no different.

That’s why we look across the oceans and to the overlooked parts of our own nation to find those rare strains and cannabis experiences that can only be described as…exotic.

How We Cultivate

*Exotic Strains*
We aim to specialize in cultivating rare, exotic and hard-to-find strains from across the globe.

*Respecting Strain Purity*
Instead of cross-breeding whatever strain we feel like, we carefully breed pure strains from their original source to artfully create new, and unique varieties.

*Experienced Cultivators*
Tivus's founders have over 20 years of cannabis cultivating experience.

*Pharmaceutical-grade Nutrients*
We use only the best, pharmaceutical grade nutrients – they’re environmentally friendly and contain no chemical additives.

*Responsible Cultivation* 
Thanks to our hydroponic system, we’ve drastically reduced our water usage by up to 75% and, overall our operation produces almost zero waste.

*Ultra-pure Water*
We use only reverse osmosis water that is 100% pure before we add our nutrients.

-Management Team-
Chris Shepard -President & CEO
Chris Shepard is the Founder, President and CEO of Tivus. Chris's interest in the cannabis industry was natural fit as he had acquired properties that made for perfect Cannabis Facilities. With this in mind and with a team in place in 2016, Chris set out to start operations   in the cities of  Costa Mesa, Adelanto and Long Beach, all located in California.  Chris' vision of Tivus is to cultivate and extract some of the finest Exotic craft cannabis in California. 

Chris Shepard is also the Founder, President, and CEO of Nationwide Capital Group, Inc. which began acquiring investment properties in California in 1990 shortly after graduating from California State University, Fullerton in 1988. 

After graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Finance and an emphasis in Real Estate, he first began working for a real-estate developer in Orange County, California, as a Land Acquisition Specialist. Shortly thereafter, Chris began acquiring property for his own portfolio.

Seth Baker - Master Cultivator & Operations Manager
Seth first appeared in the cultivation sector of the cannabis industry in 2006 in Santa Rosa California.  The experience and network gained there through hard work and cultivating truly top quality indoor cannabis paved the way for his future in the vast and growing industry.  Since then Seth has continued his growth through cultivation, dispensary ownership, consulting, and cultivation site development for over 20 farms that are currently operating in this highly competitive market

In 2013 Seth made his way to the beautiful mountains of Santa Cruz, CA where he spent the last few years establishing state license facilities, acquiring land and cultivating medicinal grade cannabis in all environments ranging from indoor, outdoor and greenhouse light deprivation

Seth enjoys bringing new and exotic strains to the market by acquiring stable and exciting new cannabis varieties through industry colleagues, and in house propagation of select cultivars.  Tivus strives to bring you some of the best exotic cannabis products of the highest quality possible.

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