Our Mission

 Like you, we love our animal family members. And, like many of you, we have felt the pain associated with helplessly watching the suffering of our animals who love us wholly and unconditionally and look to us for the protection of their well-being. Our animals were so ill that treatment with narcotics, NSAIDs and other traditional medicines frustrated not only us as animal parents, but our veterinarians as well. Some of the traditional medications caused severe side effects and other medications were altogether ineffective. So, it was out of compassion and a desire to help not only our own pets, but all pets, that we embarked on a multi-year search, enlisting the help of veterinarians and other experts in the field of cannabis research to develop our proprietary formulas combining only the best, organic, non-GMO, pesticide free ingredients. Our products are manufactured using an industry leading bio-extraction and bio-refinement engineering process. MY BEST BUD products have no additives or preservatives and have a natural shelf life of six months.  


  And because we are responsible pet parents, we give back to our community by contributing a portion of every sale to other charitable organizations dedicated to the health and well-being of animals.  

Three Proprietary Formulas: CBD, 4:1 and 1:1

MY BEST BUD is a whole plant, organic, non-GMO, pesticide-free, liquid supplement veterinarian formulated for pets with both the benefits of THC and CBD.


MY BEST BUD is extracted and formulated without alcohol and combined with a proprietary blend of cannabinoids, terpenes and organic MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil made from coconuts.  MCT oil has nutritional benefits, is easy to digest and is rapidly absorbed by the body.   


Our proprietary process of blending the MCT with our formulas produces an even liquid.  However, we do recommend that you shake the bottle prior to dispensing.  


QUALITY AND TESTING:  MY BEST BUD is regularly laboratory tested for quality, consistency, potency, safety and efficacy.  A consistent, clean, reliable product, free of toxins and additives, is extremely important to us.


FORMULATION:  We have developed three formulas, each with a proprietary blend of cannabinoids and terpenes, specially selected and specifically formulated to MAXIMIZE the full-spectrum entourage effect, OPTIMIZE the health benefits and MINIMIZE the chance of intoxication.*


CBD formula 

300 mg total Cannabinoids


Anxiety, Behavioral Problems, GI Problems, Pain, Seizures, Allergies, Itch, Hot Spots, Restlessness at Night, Inflammation, Loss of Appetite


4:1 Formula  

300 mg total Cannabinoids

80% CBD and 20% THC


Seizures, GI Problems, Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Cancer Pain, Allergies, Itch, Hot Spots, Loss of Appetite, Restlessness at Night, Behavioral Problems, Inflammation, Chemotherapy Effects, Radiation Reactions


1:1 Formula 

120 mg of total Cannabinoids 

50% CBD and 50% THC


Arthritis, Cancer Pain, Loss of Appetite, Nausea, Neurologic Disease, GI Conditions, Quality of Life, Palliative Care, Spinal or Brain Trauma, Glaucoma, Inflammation, Hospice Care




DISCLAIMER:  My Best Bud is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are provided for informational purposes only.


*MY BEST BUD is intended to be used for pets under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian and is not to be used in place of prescribed medications or in conjunction with prescribed medications unless directed by a licensed veterinarian.  We recommend strict compliance with titration, all dosing instructions, observation of your pet during titration and treatment, as well as communication with your veterinarian, even if your pet is not taking additional medications.