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Cannabis-Infused Essential Oils and Topicals
Every ingredient has a story. Every formula has a purpose. The Root of It All™ is on a quest to discover the path to well-being by providing powerful plant-based essential remedies for everyday conditions. Our line of essential oil tinctures and topical ointments are blends of herbs and spices, inspired by ancient Ayurvedic philosophy of holistic wellness, amplified with cannabis extracts to bring you back into your natural state of balance. 

Cannabis and Ayurvedic Herbs Join Forces
Botanic remedies have been providing relief to individuals for thousands of years. While the Western world’s pharmaceutical industry has focused on isolating, synthesizing, and patenting specific chemicals and molecular compounds; the world of alternative remedies employ natural treatments stemming from the plant kingdom. An essential oil represents the most simple and natural essence of a plant. The Root of It All™ selects these pure oils for their Ayurvedic, restorative benefits and balances them with cannabis extracts to create powerful, plant-based remedies for everyone who shares our quest for holistic wellness.

All-Natural Herbs and Spices
Many tinctures in the market utilize alcohol, glycerin, and/or propylene glycol as chemical carriers of cannabinoids. These chemical carriers offer no added value to the products, and they leave a rancid taste that artificial flavors struggle to mask. The Root of It All™ uses Ayurvedic blends that are plant-based and utilize all-natural ingredients. Our essential oils are vegan, gluten-free, and allergy friendly.

Flavor and Function United
Pairing proprietary cannabis extracts with essential oils and Ayurvedic blends (all-natural herbs and spices) allows our unique formulas to target specific everyday conditions as well as produce culinary-quality flavors without a hint of cannabis taste or odor. The product works quickly, delights the senses, and delivers results every time!

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