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What makes a man a legend? When telling the story of Dennis Hopper, there are many layers to explore. A counterculture icon, he was a contradictory mix of Pabst Blue Ribbon and Pop art, of rustic Americana and a new generation of restless revolutionaries, of madman machismo and the unmatched allure of a true auteur. Hopper heralded the next big thing before it was even considered a style; he created the vibe that would become the shifting psyche of America’s cultural landscape.

Having spent half a century on the big screen, the Hollywood heavyweight embodied many identities while earning his status as the American legend he is today. Spontaneous and dead set on marching to the beat of his own drum, Hopper was an iconic American actor, filmmaker, photographer, and artist. In his uniform of broken-in cowboy boots, denim on denim, and the white Stetson hat made famous when he strutted into the Academy Awards in 1970, Hopper wove together a distinctive brand of raw, revved-up rebellion.

Inspired by the dynamic life and spirit of Dennis Hopper, Hopper Reserve is a premium cannabis brand crafted for the rebel in all of us. It pays homage to the late legend, celebrating his inimitable unbridled spirit and stoking the fire of his enduring legacy. Hopper directed his counterculture blockbuster Easy Rider through a haze of smoke and—always ahead of the times—desired to see the legalization of cannabis. “It was something he could unwind with and enjoy in a very peaceful, fun-loving way,” reflects his daughter and Hopper Reserve founder, Marin Hopper. “It was very complementary to his life.”

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Today, superior grade cannabis products are available in his honor, evoking the lifestyle he immortalized on and off the screen. The line offers an unadulterated experience that brings cannabis back to its simple pleasures—just as Hopper would have wanted it.

Here’s to the strong-willed rebel, the artist, the mystic in the desert. Here’s to the rebel in all of us.