Hi-Fi Edibles

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Because Life Really Should be a Party!!!

We’ve found a way to combine chocolate and cannabis to provide something your taste buds will definitely enjoy.

HI-FI began as the answer to a very simple question. How can we provide create something that contains all the benefits of medicinal edibles in a way that any chocolate lover could enjoy?

The Answer was both obvious and the beginning of a pursuit that has come to define us.


So Much of Life is Stressful, Let Hi-Fi be the Cure

Chocolate plays a role in all we do. At Hi-Fi we realized life can be a rollercoaster of emotions. Our hope is that every Hi-Fi Bar can be consumed at a time that either make life’s troubles easier to bare, or to take a good time to levels beyond compare.


Grab Life by the Bars

We strive so that you really can have it all…Combining the best all-natural ingredients into a chocolate bar so delicious and predictable in its potency that you never compromise either taste or medicinal benefits again.

We’ve mastered the process of combining the solvent-free oils containing CBD and THC with our incredible HIFI chocolate, so much so that its delicious and predictable potency will fuel your enjoyment time and time again. You are hereby empowered to embark on an exciting no holds barred lifestyle. We will commit to providing you a chocolate that will keep up with you every step of the way.  Jump into life, bite a HIFI!