n 1489 the English Gold Sovereign was first minted under the rule of King Henry VII . With a nominal value of "one pound" (sterling) weighing nearly 16 grams of 23 carat gold, the Sovereign was circulated as currency,  However was primarily an official piece of bullion that had no mark of value on its face.  

So not only was the Sovereign aesthetic, glittering and alluring but it was also very valuable. A great hunk of intricate gold which was minted by the the most reputable source, the Crown. Therefore it was a standard you could trust. You knew that it was 23 carat, you knew exactly what it weighed and you knew exactly what it was worth, a Pound!

As a Small Medicinal Farm in Mendocino that produces only the highest quality Medicinal Cannabis for the patient base of our Collectives we strive to acheieve excellence by first producing the highest quality product and then back that up with testing from some of the most reputable Cannabis Testing Laboratories to ensure that you know that what your getting best suits your medical needs, and that it's cleanliness (freedom from pathogens, pests and pesticides) are held to the highest standards in the industry. When you see the Sovereign Emblem we want you to know that the product that bears its mark meets these standards.