Why We Created Velvet Swing
Impressed by cannnabis’ effects on her own sex life but disappointed in the commercial products available, Matisse reached out to Chelsea in 2017 to develop a line of superior cannabis sexuality products. Their goal: maximize the sensation-enhancing properties of cannabis without the drawbacks of oil-based lubes: unpleasant smell and taste, staining, and lack of compatibility with safer sex supplies and toys. Utilizing Sorse, the revolutionary emulsion technology developed by Tarukino, they created the world’s first water-based cannabis lube.

Who is Velvet Swing
Mistress Matisse has been a sexuality writer, educator, and activist for over 20 years. Helping people have great sex lives is her favorite thing. Velvet Swing is her first cannabis product. She lives in Seattle.

Chelsea Cebara is a professional sex educator and an absolutely massive weed nerd. She has been helping humans effectively and mindfully combine sex and cannabis since 2010 as a medically-certified cannabis consultant and product developer. She lives in Seattle and speaks nationally on the intersection of cannabis with sex, kink, and consent culture.

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