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THE GANJA GOLD STANDARD At GanjaGold, we are all about transparency and quality; providing top-shelf products to over a hundred collectives and thousands of patient's statewide. We meticulously leverage our vast network of partners to bring you the best products in their class without compromise. We provide patients with the peace of mind by having full spectrum tests carried out through all of our products by CW Analytics. Every batch is tested for potency, microbiological, pesticides, and cannabinoids. All test results are posted on our website. Connoisseur grade experience is about pleasantly evoking the senses and providing a holistic sensation. For this, we diligently source products that fully express the essence of the plant and are true to genetics. We desire our patrons to be able to taste the unique terpene profiles of the various strains, and to be smooth when experienced. -GanjaGold Team
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