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Quality vs Quantity

As a small farm on the same amazing peace of land for 15+ years of experience, we can go beyond organic principles growing superior quality cannabis in full spectrum sunlight and fresh air.



Legal recreational cannabis is now on sale in many states. With many forms of use and products emerging.

Cannabis connoisseurs should trust the origins of their weed. Sol Spirit Farms grows quality genetics and uses best practices in ensuring confidence and safeguarding nature.

Can you name one commercial fruit or vegetable crop that is grown indoors under artificial light? – There isn’t one

Turns out growing cannabis indoors is a legacy left over from decades of illegal, covert cultivation designed to hide grow operations from sight. When cannabis was legalized in Colorado and Washington, the new industry’s growers replicated cultivation systems that they knew best, only on a much larger scale. And that is very bad news for the environment.

By some estimates, more than 1% of the entire electrical use in the U.S. goes toward growing cannabis indoors. In California–home to the nation’s best outdoor growing conditions–more than 3% of the state’s electrical use is dedicated to indoor cannabis production. Producing a single pound of cannabis indoors, releases more than 4,600 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere.What environmental impact will cannabis production have if it is legalized nationwide?

So what is the difference between indoor and outdoor cannabis? The general consensus is that indoor marijuana tends to look superior. Tighter flower density and lighter color are what most bud tenders will point to.  This is not true of properly grown, small-scale light dep (using a tarp to cover the plants for a few hours of evening and or morning, to control flowering cycle, similar to an indoor grow changing to a 12 hour light cycle).  If a farm has sufficient caretakers, that care enough, a product with similar looks to an indoor is completely possible.  Testing has shown that the THC levels between indoor and quality outdoor are quiet similar. In fact, we argue that due to the sun’s full spectrum of light, most outdoor products produce a better high and more terpenes than their light-challenged indoor counterparts.  There is no imitating the real full sun.

Indoor cannabis is also significantly more expensive to grow due to leasing of warehouse space and massive environmental control costs, not to say anything about the costs of lighting. Indoor cannabis production is estimated to cost between 50% and 75% more than outdoor production.

As a preventive measure we utilize beneficial insects * (Arbico Organics) instead of harsh pesticides to safely mitigate any potential invasion.

Sol Spirit Farms conducts batch testing of all strains to ensure quality, and to prove our organic lifestyle can produce the finest flowers.