Bay to Bay What?

Back in the day, legal cannabis growers were forced to chose names that were generic sounding and downright boring in order to open bank accounts, obtain rental leases and generally keep a low-profile. Bay to Bay Enterprises Inc. was founded in 2010 by Kevin and Theresa Simmonds as a State of CA licensed Medical Cannabis Grower. With the passage of Prop 65 and legal recreational cannabis, we began growing under the name, “Kevin’s Kind.”

Kevin’s Kind describes both our products and the ethos of our founder, Kevin Simmonds. His expertise has been recognized by the industry, including ganja guru Ed Rosenthal. Kevin has been growing since 1996 to treat his early-onset, rheumatoid arthritis. He shared his cannabis with friends suffering from chronic illnesses and pain. We believe that being kind means taking care of our customers, our staff, and our community.

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