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Lucky 420s will get you high on the go and in style. By the people, for the people, American-made. Lucky 420s is a cannabis manufacturing company based in Northern California. We make the finest marijuana cigarettes in the state. We take care of our people, support our local farmers, and sell delicious, quality products that people can afford. The best pre-rolls in California. Fragrant, flavorful, and effective. These cannabis joints are the bees knees, sugar. We work with boutique cannabis cultivators, hippie farmers, and state-of-the-art indoor grow facilities to get the good shit--you know what I mean. Made with unbleached flax paper, these pre-rolls contain 100% cannabis, and a sturdy filterless crutch. Our pre-roll packs are a staple item for those looking to toke one alone or with friends. Whether you're on a yacht or a kayak, a rooftop or a stakeout, these joints will do ya right. Join The 420 Force on Instagram and Snapchat @The420Force
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