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HendRx Farm planted their first seed in 1996 after the historic passage of the California Compassionate Care Act. Originating from Arcata California under the giant Redwood canopy of Humboldt County, HendRx Farm has grown and blossomed into a lifetime of activism, medicine, and the highest quality organic Farmaceuticals on the planet. We welcome and invite you to view all the information on the website, your comments and questions are encouraged.

Cannabinoid Profile

All HendRx Cannabis is tested for potency. SC Labs,out of Santa Cruz, verifies initial THC and CBD levels. This allows HendRx farm to develop reliable cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Pure Analytics tests for the potency of cannabinoids such as THCCBDCBN, and CBV.

Pesticides & Chemical Residuals

HendRx Farms uses only 25(b) FIFRA exempt pest solutions and bio-controls. This means HendRx products exceed State, and EPA standards for federally unregulated crops such as cannabis. Pure Analytics guarantee the absence of pesticides & chemical residuals. Each harvest from HendRx Farm passes this screening before reaching consumers.

Fungal & Pathogen Screening

In addition to potency & pesticide testing, HendRx Farm also confirms the absence of molds and mildews with Pure Analytics. Each harvest from HendRx Farm passes this screening before reaching consumers guaranteeing the absence of bacteria such as E. Coli.