We believe cannabis to be a powerful agent for positive change, and are proud to present a line of award-winning products offering full spectrum therapeutic benefit and unrivaled purity to support greater health, harmony and happiness in daily life.


“Connoisseurs and sophisticated consumers know that a great meal or a great bottle of wine is as much about the passion, intention, and love that went into its creation, as it is about ingredients. The same is true for cannabis – but even more so.” — Alicia Rose,

A group of passionate souls, we’re dedicated to promoting health and well being as the new culture of living well.

Established in 2015, we’ve supported the healing journeys of thousands of people, and have extensive first-hand experience about the extraordinary therapeutic value cannabis has to offer. We believe in full-spectrum, whole plant intelligence, regenerative farming, sun, seed and soil grown plants, and responsible daily use of plant medicine »



Seed & Star, Mendocino County
Decades of biodynamic practices and experience – integrating scientific understanding with recognition of spirit in nature – guide Seed & Star’s cultivation of cannabis which, grown under sun, moon and stars, create some of our purist, most lovely and energy flowers. The stewards of this magical place are focused on the science of water in it’s fourth state, and utilizing the power of charge-separated water to support the greatest balance and life force in all that grows on their property. Having restored large swaths of river bank, they’ve spent the last 30 years developing a veritable garden of eden. They cultivate 60 varieties of heirloom apples, more than 50 varieties of grapes, olives from which they make exceptional oil, and endless gardens dedicated to a biodiverse ecosystem from which they produce nutritionally dense fruit and food of every type and kind you can imagine.

Full Circle Pharm, Mendocino County

Farmer Michelle Webb-McIntyre is a true pioneer in crafting world-class cannabis, combining a true love for this sacred plant medicine and expansive knowledge of cannabis cultivation within the philosophy of biodynamics. Full Circle Pharm is located in Mendocino County’s beautiful and pristine Potter Valley, on land which has been Demeter-certified for more than twenty years. With deep roots in cannabis cultivation and culture, in addition to a fervent commitment to the teachings and philosophy of biodynamic farming, Michelle looks to mother nature for each and every cue to cultivate some of California’s finest cannabis. Carefully tending to each and every detail – from genetics and strain selection, to hand-tying, hand-watering and applying all biodynamic preparations – Michelle serves the specific needs of each individual plant during every phase of growth and development. Often harvesting later into the season than many of her neighbors, she waits until every flower on every stalk of each beautiful plant reaches its full ripening potential, therein manifesting the deepest full-term therapeutic potential.

Glentucky Family Farm, Sonoma County
A pioneer in sustainable farming, Mike Benziger’s gardens are located high on Sonoma Mountain, where rich volcanic soils nourish his gardens on land certified Biodynamic since 2001. Solar energy powers over 90% of his farm’s needs, rainwater provides about 40% of his irrigation needs, and composting serves as the primary source of fertility. Over half of his land property is set aside for wildlife and biodiversity.