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Humboldt Harvest was created out of a personal need to find pain relief without being inebriated. Being the mother of a toddler and a new born, I needed to be available for my children, while being able to manage the chronic pain I was experiencing from auto immune diseases and bulging discs. After personally having successful results with my 13:1 Wellbeing Tincture, and seeing successful results in those around me, I entered it into the Emerald Cup 2015 CBD tincture category, and placed 1st. Since then, I’ve received many anecdotal success stories for conditions such as stress, anxiety, sleep, PTSD, inflammation, chronic pain, acute pain, nerve damage, chemo treatment, epilepsy, autism, ALS, MS, Lyme, depression, PMS, and so on. Mission Humboldt Harvest is dedicated to combining whole foods, and herbs, with whole plant, organically grown cannabis medicine to serve the needs of those that are seeking wellness, and a better quality of life. We are committed to holding an extremely high level of quality, and integrity. Locally made and grown in Humboldt County, CA
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