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With the world being increasingly open to the use and wonders of cannabis, the Buddy Buddy Indoor Natural is taking center stage in ensuring that you get only the best quality cannabis that is contaminant free, safe and ultimately, you are being introduced to an wide range of exotic cannabis strains and products that makes for the best recreational and healthcare experience alike.

Buddy Buddy Indoor Natural is a licensed and Clean Green Certified cannabis cultivator based in San Francisco that employs an incredible level of innovation as we skillfully combine ultra-modern technology, clean green growing techniques and a unique level of dedication to the process.


Our team made up of highly qualified and well-trained professionals whose wealth of experience gathered over the years in the art of creating and cultivating an impressive range of exotic cannabis strains; shows the absolute power of teamwork.

Being able to combine your individual ideas with those of others to create something amazing isn't a superpower that is easily harnessed by a lot of people, but our team has apparently cracked the code and hence is able to birth top-notch quality products each time. The power of quality weed has just the ideal amount of zing to bring and hold great minds together.

Our entire work process up until it gets to you the customer is a playbook that highlights a deep passion for what we do, and an even more profound desire for sharing this love and knowledge of ours with people who appreciate the " special something" quality cannabis adds to life as we do.

The term "quality good time" couldn't describe a brand better than it does us. Weed is what brings us together!

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